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Mindy has given the key to my cage to James instant and he wears it around his own neck on a thick gold set. My orgasms are controlled by my wife’s lover, who last will and testament give my key to Mindy after one of their dates if he is satisfied both with my performance at work, and if Mindy gives me a warm describe to say how well I am looking after her. That happens once every month or two – the longest I’ve gone locked up is four months after I displayed jealousy at being left at home when she goes out. Mindy didn’t like that, it threatened her pleasure if I became difficult so she punished me. Sometimes at chore, if I’d been unlocked with a view the night before, he makes me return the indicator to him in front of the other crook who know the situation and I am humiliated by his complete ownership of my wife. Not only do my work-mates know, but so do our neighbours and she has also told both our parents that I’m not the father of the child she’s carrying.
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