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Teresa slowly began to accept it more and more and reached up to slowly pull him deeper into her. Looking closely, you could decide a selfish trickle of pink, where it looked as if he might partake of torn her. I asked if she was ok and she told me she was fine, a small-minded abrasion, but wanted to fuck Jeff. I sat back and continued to take in. Teresa reached down, and began to irk her clit until it was swollen and she was ready to cum. As she began to have her umpteenth orgasm of the evening and began to arch her back, Jeff Slammed his 11 inch cock intent into my wife’s love canal. The pain and pleasure he caused brought her to an orgasm instantly gushing juices all all through the place. He held her hips so she could not drag away and began to pound his cock deep into my wife’s pussy. Her screams of pleasure and travail were cross-bred as he continued to expel my wife harder and harder. The actions of her torso and creams to fuck her harder and harder told us all that she told us all what we wanted to assent to. Her pussy continued to squirt juices and rush from her torn up pussy.
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