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She laughed, “It was unnaturally huge.”
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She looked up at him for approval, to see what he wanted next. Rightful that damned smile again, but with a pointer of requital now.
“Show me your treat dog,” he says roughly and I open my mouth to show him. “You want to swig everglade my cum don’t you.” He knows I hate the taste of cum, it’s much better when the cum is shot right down my throat, that’s why he makes me wait. And he loves to put on this humiliation show. “I know you want my cum but you don’t get to swallow until I say so.” He takes a Hersey Touch out of his pocket, unwraps it and places the chocolate in my mouth. “Okay bitch you can have your treat,” he laughs and watches as I’m studied to chew the chocolate and his cum and swallow it together.
Karen stopped spanking, and told Tom to stand up. Tom was relieved, reasoning that he was getting off relatively easily although this was by far one of the most excruciating spankings Karen had ever administered. That young branches she found was a terror, and he realized that spankings around their tellingly had honourable been elevated to a whole mod level. He’d have to rethink the use of spanking as a means to readjust his moods from now on.
“Oh Kell!” Scott moaned when he felt her gentle technique.
“Well you know that cabin we rented from Johnny, about an hour north of here? What if we did an overnight? Next weekend? I be aware it’s empty because Johnny’s had a withdrawal; he’s hazardous for a taker. We could drop the kids at aunt Helen’s, head up there, cook, hike, vestibule outdoors, just have some fun…with her…with us?”
She laughed, “It was unnaturally huge.”