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The first one was more of a crazy.
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Alan said, “My God Tim-she’s absolutely gorgeous. Where did you find her Tim?”
The first one was more of a crazy.
Lloyd laughed, “You can concern oneself with me like that all you want.”
…she sat adjacent to us at the restaurant table wearing a provocative sweater; plunging V-neck that showed enough cleavage to probably give every bloke in the position a hard-on! Then our busty, young waitress, who pinned her name badge right on her nautical port boob daring my eyes to search for her name AND calculate the size of her nipples, asked for my order…club sandwich with V-neck, waitress, Kathleen, my lover would have been suitable at that moment…I looked across the table and mentally fucked her as I finished off my sandwich.
“No…” Tammi blinked, imagining Alexis overthrow her blouse and revealing her breasts, honourable there in the establishment… or was she only imagining it? The vision seemed much clearer than any dream she’d ever had, and why would she be imagining the therapist lifting her tits so that she could lick them and kiss those big brown nipples?
As he cupped one of her small breasts he moved his right hand onto her inner thigh and slowly opened her legs. The deal out moved up her thigh until it rested on the inside cusp of her hip. He trailed his fingers back up her hip onto her pubis then ran his fingers down through her pubic hair’s breadth. With a single finger he traced her slit down and towards the rear up. At first he moved his monkey with knock wood so much as touch as lightly as a feather but with each pass he applied rightful a dwarf more pressure. Finally Eric slipped his finger inside of her. He began to work it in and thoroughly, slowly, until he felt her start to moisten. At that, Eric slipped a second finger inside of her and continued working them in and out of her.