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“Already had breakfast?” I asked.
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“They liked me,” Katie said so softly it was almost a divulge.
“We see that. It sure is fun, isn’t it? But no person saw her except for us.”
After a occasional minutes of silence I said “Well-grounded forget it,” turned slack my nightstand agile and lay down on my side with my back to him. I had elevated hopes for working through this, but my anticipate was fading. After about 5 more minutes he snuggled up against me, placing his hard cock against my ass. I was shocked.
“So when is Jenny picking you up?” he asked.
“Already had breakfast?” I asked.
I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Dani for years. She is 5’3, 150 pounds (not fat alongside any means, but well-built and in tickety-boo shape), with big 36D boobs and a nice ass I love to squeeze. I love her unconditionally and our two boys, so I would never flimflam on her… even though my curiosity has indeed grown to the past few months.